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The following are copyrighted maps depicting New Jersey snowfall totals from 2000-01 through 2018-19, as well as an annual average snowfall map. If you would like to utilize these maps in any capacity you MUST ASK PERMISSION (and credit must be provided) in order to do so. Email:


NJ SNOWFALL 2019 2020

NJ Snowfall Totals 2018 19


NJ Snowfall Totals 2016-17

NJ Snow Totals 2015-16

NJ Snowfall Totals 2014-15

NJ Snow Totals FINAL 2013 14

NJ Snowfall 2012 to 13

NJ snow totals 2011-12

nj snowfall 2010 to 11

nj 2009-10

nj 2008-09

NJ snowfall totals 2007-08

snowfall 2006-07

NJ snow totals 2005-06

Snowfall 2004-05

Winter 2003-04

2002-03 NJ Snow

NJ 2001 to 2002

nj snowfall 2000-01

NJ Avg Snow


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